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Founder and Chairman of the MSG Group, M. Mohamed Said Guedi (MSG), a well-respected businessman in the professional and political circles, succeeded in establishing many companies with millions per year in revenue that operate in various economic sectors. The group has over 800 employees across Africa and Asia and operates in four market sectors. His astute business sense and leadership contribute significantly to the region’s corporate growth for over three decades.

In 1987, Mohamed Said Guedi established MSG Trading, a successful export/import international business, and was responsible for all program execution, business planning and financial oversight. MSG founded in 2002 The Independent Tobacco FZE, a growing Dubai-based international tobacco company engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of cigarettes.


MSG has decided to diversify his business to telecommunication in year 2009 and formed a company  – SOMCABLE SAS. He Invested in submarine cable project connecting between Djibouti international submarine platform and landing in Berbera Somaliland and will later on extend on to Ethiopia and Somalia, this project will lay an Optic Fiber Cable a total distance of 1600KM as a Back bone infrastructure with Metro rings to stimulate the growth in telecommunication services in this region. Its expected to be in operational by the last quarter of the year 2012.


MSG is expanding his business into logistics and Shipping. These company consists of East Africa Contractor Services (EACS) Aramex and Geudi Transit.  EACS is incorporated in the Republic of Djibouti and has three main operating divisions: Travel, Freight, and Contractor Services. Aramex is committed to providing outstanding customer experience, to being a great place to work, a thoughtful steward of the environment and a caring citizen in the communities where we live and work. At Aramex, we are passionate about sustainably connecting people and places and improving the quality of life around the world.” Meanwhile Geudi transit strives is to promote the development and improvement of public transport services in Djibouti to Somaliland and Ethiopia. 


Last born of the companies of the Group MSG, “The Independent Energy” repurchased the old company of State of production and electric distribution of power of Hargeisa (Capital of Somaliland) which it intends to rehabilitate, restructure and reinforce.

The company envisages to extend its activities to the whole of the cities of Somaliland and tied contacts with a partner Abyssinian in order to obtain an interconnection with the Ethiopian electrical supply network.