Network & Technology

Licensed with 25-years of exclusivity for Metro
and Backbone fibre optic infrastructure building

Somcable has secured in 2009, a 25-years exclusive license for installing backbone terrestrial fibre optic cables between the towns of Somaliland and metropolitan network within them. This exclusivity extends also to the ownership of any landing
station, in the Somaliland territory, for eventual submarine cable projects.

Laying fibre optic infrastructure using state of the art technologies

National fibre optic Backbone Network Somcable owns and operates the only terrestrial fibre optic cable linking most of major towns, and the capital, of Somaliland to Djibouti. From Djibouti, Somcable’s customers can be connected to more than 5
international submarines cables.
By the first quarter of 2016 they will be connected to 7 international fibre opticsubmarine cables.
With a total length of over 900 km, Somcable’s terrestrial cable benefit from a robust and reliable configuration.
Our territorial fibre optic is configured as a ring and use state of art DWDM over IP technology.
The first leg is linking Hargeisa to Djibouti via Lughaya and the second leg is linking Hargeisa to Djibouti via Borama, The initial
equipped capacity of the cable is 400 Gbits/s, which corresponds to 40 wavelengths of 10Gbits/s each.


ptic Network
Somcable owns and operates an unrivalled metropolitan fibre optic network totalling more than 30km of length in Hargeisa city.
Fibre optic GEPON accesses allow governmental, NGOs, corporate and international organizations to benefit from an end to end all fibre connection to Somcable’s very high speed Internet Backbone Somcable, recently, retroceded the ownership and
operation of Hargeisa metropolitan network to its sister company SO! LTD.
In return, SO! LTD has confided the maintenance and support of its Metro Network to Somcable.