Somcable portfolio of services

Somcable offer of specific savoir-faire and services

Somcable avails itself, now, with five years of field proven experience in different fields of expertise such as:

* Planning and design of terrestrial fiber optic cables links (TFOC)
* Deployment and laying of TFOC
* Fibre splicing and jointing
* Maintenance and repair of damaged TFOC

Carrier-to-Carrier service offer

Somcable Carrier to Carrier Services enable other telecom operators including Mobile Operators, ISP’s and Cable TV Operators to use its high capacity infrastructure to connect to their clients and backhaul their services to their networks. The fully redundant infrastructure deployed ensures that those customers are able to achieve their SLA’s. Somcable provides high capacity dedicated Internet Backbone Services to Mobile Operators, ISP’s and other telecom operators.
Those services provide direct connection to the Internet Backbones in Europe and North America. They are supervised and managed from Somcable Network Operation Centre (NOC) that is 24/7 by highly skilled support engineers.